About me:
I am a Scandinavian freelance designer within fashion and graphic, located in London, United Kingdom.
Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to work in a creative field. Whenever I had nothing to do I gripped a pen and paper to start sketching.
As a teenager, my interest in the fashion industry evolved, so when time came to pick a career path, I chose to apply for a fashion degree.
In 2015 I graduated as a fashion designer from VIA Design in Denmark.
During my studies I discovered another passion, graphic design, as I learned to work with Adobe design software.

Combining fashion, graphic and marketing skills:
With a master’s degree in digital marketing, I add on to my skills as a fashion and graphic designer.
I have a good understanding of the fashion industry and creative processes,
and I have developed key marketing skills to make sure the design reach its full potential.

My skills include, but are not limited to:
– Fashion design: Design, developing patterns, sewing, embroidery
– Graphic design: Advertising posters, a-signs, flyers, business cards, roll-up banners etc.
– Web design and analytics
– Social media marketing

Professional Experience:

2017: Freelance designer, Charlotte Rosenkilde, London
2016: Graphic design & social media intern, Bodycool, Aarhus
– Check out how I created a new visual identity for Bodycool here.
2016: Graphic design volunteer, Foreningsbutikken, Aarhus
2015: Fashion design intern, Brandtex, Brande
2012: Fashion design intern, Gudnitz Couture, Copenhagen

2017: MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics, Regent’s University London
2015: Bachelor in Design & Business (Fashion Design), VIA Design, Aarhus
– Check out my graduate collection here.
2013: AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business (Fashion Design), VIA Design, Herning

Short Courses:
2014: Illustration, The School for Art & Design, Aarhus
– Check out some of my illustrations here.
2014: Branding & Marketing, Business School, Aalborg
2014: 20 Design Principles (Graphic Design), TL Nord, Aalborg
2013: Fashion Illustration, The School for Art & Design, Aarhus
– Check out some of my drawings here.

freelance designer Charlotte Rosenkilde

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