Trend research is an important part of the job as a fashion designer.
When I did my internship at Brandtex, a Danish women’s wear brand, this was one of my tasks.
I did my trend research online, mainly through WGSN and by looking in trend magazines.
I created moodboards that could be send to suppliers and the offices in the East, so they could send back samples of design.
Also, I created the layout for the colour cards used in sales books.

The results are shown underneath.



From trend research to trend forecasting

When doing my graduate project, I decided to do my own trend forecasting and create my own trend material.
My inspiration and design universe for the collection was to combine couture and futuristic elements.
The trend forecasting process for me was a way to try to define and visualise what futuristic meant in a way, that could be interpreted into a fashion collection.
I used an academic and industry approach to the trend forecasting process.
In doing so, I collected a lot of visual materials as well as text resources that could supplement my photos.

Sometimes, being a fashion designer becomes very graphical, but this is something that I enjoy.
I created a trend book as part of my inspiration for my graduate collection ‘Couturistic’.
I thought a lot about how the layout for this book should be. It should be minimalistic, well-structured and easy to understand.
I made sure to make the keywords (the most describing words of the trend aesthetics) stand out a little from the rest, so they were easy to identify.



So where did I use this trend forecasting process?

As mentioned, I used this trend material for inspiration to my graduate collection ‘Couturistic’.
Be sure to check out the results here.